What users are saying about the Panosaurus

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the Panosaurus. If you have any customers who wonder whether it works as well as the pano heads that cost 5 times more, please feel free to have them contact me. I had to shoot 18 images, not 12 as we discussed. But once I made that change and started using more consistent exposures, I have started cranking out panoramics without any sweat at all. This thing is great!  I put it on my video tripod and that works very well, too. The video pod doesn't have any leveling problems and holds the rig very steady.

At any rate, I just wanted to write and let you know how excited I am to be using this thing. After two days with it I am heading to a client's shop tomorrow to shoot 3 panoramics at about $250 each. What a money machine!

Bless you for spending your time to help others solve a problem.


Thom Harrop

I want to complement you on the great job you did in the design and manufacture of the Panosaurus. Ive done tool and die work, built race cars and done product design for several companies over the years so I know a nice job of value engineering when I see it.

Thanks a great product.

Bill Marcel


Hi Greg,
 Just a note to let you know I received my Panosaurus head today. Thank you for such prompt service and shipping. Upon inspection of the enclosed parts, I was surprised by the quality build of the head for the price.
 Following the enclosed instructions, I had my head assembled, and four nodal points calculated in about one hour. I shot my first pano with it, indoors with a 18mm lens, and the final stitch was flawless.
 Equally surprising, my camera is a SD10, one of the heavier and larger of the DSLRs on the market; the Panosaurus had no problem accommodating the weight of the camera and lens.
 Other Sigma shooters that I meet on a forum, are interested in the head based on my description of how well it works. You should be receiving additional orders within the next few months.
 Frank Thomas

Hi Greg,

Sorry to disturb you, the package was waiting for me on my desk this afternoon when I came to the office. I guess it had just arrived. I've opened it before even checking my e-mail.

Thank you for such a great product, I really love the attention to details and the thorough design. As if all of that was not enough, there is also a great manual, with a lot more then expected, and it is so simple and straight forward that anyone can understand it.

I can't wait to start using it, and will gladly recommend it. It is by far the best value, it looks just as tight and solid as those sold by the others that cost ten times more, which I could never afford. I am happy I found your company mentioned among them.

Thank you!


Hi Greg,
        I recvd. the Panosaurus today.  The instructions were well written, set up
time was very fast (30 minutes).  I am very impressed with the workmanship.
I installed my camera on a quick release plate so that set up is even
easier.  Thank you for the hard work you put into developing this product.


Thanks for the prompt shipment of my Panosaurus. I've put it together and am
taking my first test shots today to see how the software works (PTMac) and
get my feet wet. I'm off on a trip through southern Utah later in the month
and look forward to some productive pano work.

I wanted to compliment you on a very nice product. I've always admired small
(micro) businesses which find a tiny niche and fill it perfectly; yours
seems that sort. The assembly went fine. The instructions were just a bit
opaque at times but results were good and I seem calibrated correctly now
for three focal lengths. I wound up admiring the very close tolerances you
work in, for such humble materias. I think you put in many, many hours of
fine-tuning to get such a device to assemble so precisely in the hands of
non-technical strangers. Congratulations.

I showed it to my father who is a semi-retired physicist and he said "that
guy's probably a physicist, physicists come up with stuff like that",
meaning devices really well thought out and precisely made out of very
ordinary materials. Did he guess right?


 Just to give you a quick heads up -- the Panosaurus that you sent me is great!
 It works extremely well with my Nikon D70 package, and the number of stiching
 errors that I get with my photos are now quite few. 

Thanks for making such a fun, useful, and affordable camera accessory. 


Matt Monroe
Hi Greg.

Today I got the Panosaurus. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! you
have made a great and practical device and also helped
me to save a lot of money !!! 

Im testing it right now and works great !!!



Hi Greg,

First and foremost, thank you for such a great product... I've lovingly used my Panosaurus for over two years now - and it's great....

I just upgraded to a Canon 5D and L series lenses...  The combination of which is over 4lbs for my camera with the 24-70mm lens.



Russell Schutte

Hi Greg.

Today I got the Panosaurus. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! you
have made a great and practical device and also helped
me to save a lot of money !!! 

Im testing it right now and works great !!!


I got the Panosaurus today. It's great! Thanks for producing an
affordable pano head that performs as well as the over-priced ones.
I'm looking forward to putting it to heavy use.


Greg - 

I received the pano head and got great results first try!  Thanks!



The packaged was received in good order and good time.This head is awesome! It is absolutely well built,
lightweight, versatile and at a great price.




I received my panosaurus today, and I must say that I'm delighted. It is an elegantly simple solution to a problem too often solved by throwing gobs of money into hardware.

Thanks again - both for the elegant design and the prompt service.

Jeff Smith